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Blackwater Coffee Co.

Blackwater Coffee Co. is passionate about two things above all others: coffee and community. We exist to create and elevate both in Clovis. 

Blackwater exists to enhance the experience of being a part of the Clovis Community, to enable members of that community to grow, thrive and experience success, and, finally, to enrich the lives of all we come into contact with. We believe in a consistently great product, radical generosity and leaning into opportunities to deepen relationships. 

We place high value in not only serving the most delicious coffee, but doing it in a way that is genuinely kind, prompt and approachable. 


Truly Good Coffee

It starts with our fantastic roasters in ABQ, Red Rock Roasters and is perpetuated by a skilled and knowledgable staff at Blackwater. From pour overs to espresso shots, Blackwater Coffee Co. does it right. 

Coffee is a skill. The baristas at Blackwater know their craft well. With the freshest beans possible and an exacting procedure, truly good coffee is not only the expectation, it's the norm. 

Get away from it all with a perfect cup of coffee at Blackwater. You'll find our menu at the top, and if you don't see your favorite drink there, ask us--we'll make it!

best local espresso clovis, nm


Why Local
Coffee Matters 

Local goods are trending with hashtags like #local love and #livelikealocal. But why?

Local is not just a word that means close by, it's a word that means yours. Your city, your community, your neighbors...your favorite coffee shop. Where they make it just how you like it and you know the baristas names! Where you can only get it in Clovis and that's what makes it special. 

Blackwater believes is using local products as much as possible in order to support and elevate the Clovis and NM community. We share a building with a local, independent pharmacy, Roden Smith Pharmacy, use Leslie's Candy Co. syrups and get our delicious beans just upstate in ABQ at Red Rock Roasters. 

You're here, we're here, that makes us community. Let's support one another with some #locallove.

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